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Step 1: Apply on VLE UIDAI registration form. (After 2-3 days, your entry will be update)

Step 3: Download Aadhar Softwares:
1. Anydesk (anydesk.com)
2. ECMP Client
3. Aadhaar SFTP Client v3.2.5
4. Master & Registrar data of 2189
5. User Credential File of 2189

Step 4: Email below 4 pdf and 1 excel for aadhar registration:
PDF 1: Verifier Documents (Engagement Letter, POI, POA, Retirement Letter, Stamp)
PDF 2: Centre Checklist ( Registrar:-206-CSC e-Gov. Services (I) Ltd, EA:-2189-CSCSPV )
PDF 3: Consent Letter, NSEIT Certificate, Aadhar Card and PAN Card
PDF 4: Scan copy of Bank Passbook and Cancel cheque having your name at signature point.
Excel 1: Fill  State, District, OMT ID, Block, pincode,VLE Name, operator name, Mobile, Email, Cer_No, Location/Address, PAN, Aadhar Nos, Beneficiary_Name, BeneficiaryAccno, Bank_Name,Bank_Branch, IFSC_Code (in excel format)

Step 5: The VLE will require to have a scanner per enrolment station for scanning POI/POA/POR documents of resident. The scanning will be the part of the enrolment packet which means scanning will be a step in the enrolment process itself. 

Step 6: Before starting Enrolments see the training videos (links are given above).

Note: Kindly mail me for any doubt or clarification...

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