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Desired Softwares for Install UCL v

Training Video -- Demographic UCL : Click Here 
Video for Installation of UCLv3.2.0.0 : Click Here
Video for Installation of Morpho 1300: Click here
Frequently Asked Questions for UCL : Click Here
Operator Manual  Demographic UCL : Click Here

Requirement of UCL:

Pt1: UIDAI NSEIT Supervisor/Operator Certificate
Pt2: Laptop (i3) with activated Win 7 Professional 32-Bit SP1 
Pt3: Single Fingerprint Device, eg. Morpho 1300

Steps how to install UCL v on System:

Step 1: Run Setup: UCL_v3.2.0.0.
Step 2: Create an user with name "supervisor" and password should be "123".

Step 3: Click on start, type UCA in search bar then login to UCA with supervisor account with password 123, click on Database Mgmt and import files as per below mention in zipped format:
     (a) Import Master Data.
   (b) Import Register Data.
 (c) Import Name Dictionary Data.

Step 4: After importing close the uca and again login to UCA, click on Client Identity and enter below details: 
        (a) Registrar Name : 206 - CSC e-Gov. Services (I) Ltd,
        (b) EA Name : 2189 - CSC SPV, 
        (c) Station Id : <Kit_Nos>
        (d) Client Location : Enter Pincode.

Step 5: Import Registrar Certificate: Click on download and Import

Step 6: Enrolment Client Registration:
        Enter Username:, 
        Password: (Contact to your area csc coordinator)

Step 7: Click on Client Security and import user credential file 

Step 8: Install Print Aadhar: Open UCL_v3.2.0.0 and go to AadharEnrolmentClient folder, open Installation Folder, install "wkhtmltopdf-installer...", during installation, destination folder should be "C:\UID Authority of India\wkhtmltopdf\" and then install "vcredist.....".

Step 9:  Open MSP_UCL_Full_3.2.0.0
Open Folder 4.Dependencies->Single_Finger_Device_Drivers
1)Go to Folder MSO 1300
Install Below Softwares:
1) Sagem MorphoSmart USB Drivers
2) Device Driver Setup
3) SMDAPI Setup

Step 10: Now, Connect the morpho device 1300 to your usb port of Laptop and device driver will install automatically.

Note1: Open UCL from desktop, login to it with your operator code(for ex: "CSCHR_NS036111") and code shoud be type in continuous manner 

Note2: If morpho is not active, open control pane and uninstall all set up named with morpho and install drivers again.